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Saints in Training - Fall 2018

Ignatius has has shown great mass behavior as the months have progressed. He pays attention and tries to pray the responses.

Sydney pays close attention during Mass and prays the responses that she knows. She also prays the beginning and end of the day prayers with the students in all the other grades.

Andrew reminds the class to pray if they forget and prays and pays attention during Mass.

Shea is mindful of what other people need–petitionary prayers, prayers during Mass, as well as remembering to pray for people who have died.

Gianna is quiet and respectful all during mass even when entering and exiting the church. Gianna is a great example for others while in church.

Isaiah is excited and willing to serve at Mass. He comes to Masses that are not during the school hours. He does a wonderful job of living the faith and setting the world on fire with his faith.

Margaret is very mindful of being reverent during Mass. She prays during times of prayer. She is an excellent role model to those around her by being an active participant within the Mass. She’s great at saying the responses that are asked of her. Her reverence extends outside of Mass as well which can be seen in her actions and how she treats those around her.  She truly lives the virtues all the time.

Lily embodies piety in all of her actions. She is thoughtful during prayer–focusing her attention to God during the Mass. You can easily see this because her eyes rarely leave the altar and front of the church.  Lily does a nice job responding to the responses and praying during times of prayer. Lily’s piety can be seen in the classroom on a daily basis because she treats others how they would like to  be treated.

Abbie is an incredibly reflective student. She constantly thinks about ways she can improve what she already does on a day to day basis. She wants God to know her love of Him and looks for ways to push herself to show Him gratitude, reverence, and to serve Him. Abbie also seeks out many opportunities to go to confession to make sure her relationship with God is strong.

Penny is a very pious student in Mass and throughout the day. She consistently leads others closer to God and the faith by her actions and helping the K/1 students attend to mass.  She understands that everything she does in life serves God, which means she thinks about God in all that she does whether it’s an assignment that needs to be completed or a friend who needs to be included.

Andrew is very strong in his faith and the  virtues.  He has a clear understanding of right and wrong. Because of this understanding he has, he will correct others in a very friendly and personable way when friends are not making the best choices.  This is not an easy task–however– Andrew knows it’s the right thing to do. He leads by example in Mass by responding to the responses, focusing his attention on God and the altar, and when serving. He takes all things seriously.

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