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Cross - The sign of our salvation, that God became man in Jesus Christ to suffer and die so that we might rise with Him to eternal life. Look to the Cross as our hope, that by our sufferings the Lord will save us.


Wave - The wavy white line represents both the ‘waves’, struggles and difficulties, of this life that we  endure by faith and with the support of our community. The waves also allude to the crest of the Diocese of Madison, which has waves to represent the four major bodies of water in the Diocese.


Keys - The keys of St. Peter, a sign that our Catholic Faith has been handed down from Christ to the Apostles, and through the centuries to us. We are baptized into this faith and strive to grow in it throughout our life.


Fisherman’s Net - The net on the lower right of the crest is a sign that we are concerned with being “fishers of men” (cf. Mt. 4:19), going out to invite others to follow Jesus Christ. St. Peter was a worker, a fisherman by trade. We are a community that works together, in the fields, in the parish, and in service to others. The fisherman’s net also resembles a hill planted with rows of crops, which is a key foundation of our parish as a community set in the farm fields of Ashton.



Red - The color of blood, which recalls Jesus Christ shedding his Blood for our salvation, as well as the blood of the Martyrs. This is especially poignant as St. Peter shed his blood in witness to his faith in Jesus Christ.


Blue - The color of water, which reminds us of our baptism. Baptism is the beginning of eternal life in us, and the necessary way to salvation as members of the Body of Christ, the Church.


Gold - A symbol of how precious our faith is to us, just as gold is a precious metal. Gold also reminds us of our community – the golden fields of wheat in the summer and the corn fields in the fall.


Our Logo

Over more than 150 years of history have contributed to our tradition of Faith and Community here in beautiful Ashton. Over the years things have changed, but the essentials have remained the same. Our Faith in Jesus Christ has united us a Community of Believers that live, work, and pray together.


In order to engage the world we live in, yet maintain and communicate who we are as a parish community, parishioners have come together to formulate a logo that expresses both our faith and our community identity.

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