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Emmaus Mornings

Growing in Faith
as a Community

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What are Emmaus Mornings?


Emmaus was a town that two followers of Jesus were walking to after Jesus rose from the dead (Luke 24: 13-35). During their journey, there was an unknown man that joined them, and asked about what had taken place, seeming to not know that a man had been crucified, died, and then buried, but had risen from the dead after three days. They enjoyed the man’s company and invited him to stay with them for the evening. When they broke bread at dinner that evening, their hearts and minds were opened by God’s grace to recognize that the man who had walked with them was Jesus. This is what these mornings will consist of – breaking bread with the Lord Jesus in the Mass, sharing a meal as a parish family, and conversing about our faith and life with Christ and one another. 


Who should attend Emmaus Mornings?


All are welcome and encouraged to attend! Singles, couples, families; young and old alike. Please help spread the word and invite others to join us!


When are Emmaus Mornings?


Emmaus Mornings are on the second Sunday of the month from September through May (April and May will be on the third Sunday). We will meet after the 9:30am Mass (approximately at 10:45 am) and wrap up around 12:30 pm.


Where will Emmaus Mornings be held?


Emmaus Mornings will take place in the St. Peter School lower level.


What will happen at Emmaus Mornings?


After Mass we will gather for brunch, followed by a speaker for the adults and breakout sessions for children in Kindergarten through 12th grade. This year's theme is on a Life in Christ and we will be exploring the third pillar of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Childcare will be provided. At the end we will gather together as a whole group in prayer before departing. Throughout the morning there will be opportunities for conversation, asking questions, singing the Lord's praises, prayer, and other activities.


Do I need to register?

To attend the mornings, there is no need to register. If you would like to receive the extra “Family of Faith” program materials for continued learning at home with your children, please register using this online form HERE.


How can I get more involved?


Extra volunteers are always needed and greatly appreciated to help the Emmaus Mornings run smoothly! If you would like to get more involved, please email Please also reach out if you have any questions! 


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there! May God bless you!!

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