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October Saints in Training

The virtue for September was Friendship. "Aristotle argues that, "As opposed to friendships of usefulness and pleasure, perfect friendship exists between persons who are virtuous . . true friends wish the good of each other." " (Humphreys, 2016, The Irish Times, para 29)

The following students were selected for exemplifying true friendship in our school:


Ella is a friend to everyone around her. She truly wants what’s best for her classmates and she is willing to put in work and sacrifice to make that happen. She’s inclusive and kind; and she’s always silly enough to brighten the day of everyone around her. The 4/5 class is blessed to have her!


Maddie is a friend to those around her in ways that aren’t always obvious: she sets a good example of working diligently and she helps her classmates by not being distracting or disruptive. Whether helping a friend stay warm on our walk to mass or laughing at another’s joke, Maddie’s kind and virtuous heart makes her a great friend to have!


Clare is always willing to work with whoever she is partners with and does a great job of bringing out the best in others.


Gianna is so kind to everyone and does not worry about what others think. She makes sure everyone feels included and loved.


Genette is always willing to help others, especially students who are younger than her. She gives her extra time helping students with AR and students in the Prek classroom.


Margaret is pleasant and friendly to all students and staff. She is always happy to work or play with anyone.


Anna is such a good friend to those around her because she notices when friends are upset and in need of being comforted. She will tell you that all she wants to do is to help them. Anna also gets really excited when her friends make good choices and encourages them to continue making them.


Jude is the kind of friend who holds his classmates and workmates accountable. When a conflict arises, he is willing to fix the problem. He is also able to be a good older brother and remind his younger brother of how to follow the rules.


Peter has been playing with our new student and making sure he is included in games.


Sophia is very helpful to other students. She goes out of her way to help other students clean up messes, zip their coats, and fold their nap blankets. She also includes everyone who wants to play with her.

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