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St. Peter Hearts on Fire

The Campaign

In years past we have celebrated our "Planting Seeds for the Future" Benefit Dinner. This year we are moving to a larger campaign that is supported by a Dinner Event and Online Auction as parts of the larger campaign. You are invited to support the important work we have here at St. Peter Parish and School. We are a growing parish with many needs to continue to support our parish families and ministries. This year there are three projects that we are going to accomplish for this year:

– New Sound System in the Church

– Feasibility Study for School Growth

– Temporary Classroom Space for the School and Furnishings

These improvements at our parish will help us to more effectively carry out the mission we have; that everyone at our parish can can hear and participate in the liturgy; that we can plan for the future growth that the Lord has blessed us with, and that we can address the current growing enrollment and activity in our parish school with additional space. The goal for this campaign is $95,000. Please see the "2022 Spring Updates Letter", which outlines more details about these projects. Please use the link below to support our campaign to help us reach our goal and continue the important, life–giving work the Lord has entrusted and blessed us with as a community.


Campaign Progress

Sound System

Our speaker and sound system is not able to project sound to the entire church, and is possibly broken. Along with this there is an electrical defect in our sound system which is irreparable. With the improvements in sound system technology and design, a new system will solve the problems with the current system and will greatly increase the listening experience, especially for those who are hard of hearing. Our new system is designed to add quality microphone inputs in place of the current predominantly wireless one, and to add adequate microphone and speaker capacity to our church.

Parish & School Feasibility Study

We have partnered with the Steier Group, a consulting firm that specializes in assessing the growth potential and support that parishes and schools have to plan for the future. This May they will be looking into the future growth of our community, the assets in our parish and beyond to support such an plan, and to gauge the needs that we have in our growing community. This will help us to know what we need to do with our current buildings and grounds, whether it is reasonable to add on to our existing school building or build a new school, and how to plan for our future financially.

Temporary Classroom and Furnishings Needed - $29,000

We are assembling a list of needs for our Temporary Classroom Space that will be located in front of the St. Peter School Building (to the west) in the parking lot. This building will have classroom work space and our library will be moved to this location also. A list of items needed will be available soon on this webpage, and in the church and school. We are looking for sponsors to donate for the purchase of these items.

Richard & Kimberly Hillenbrand Family

Platinum Level


Shaun LeVeque Family


Gold Level Sponsors

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