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What is Scrip?

Scrip is gift certificates that you use like cash at your favorite stores, gas stations and restaurants.  You buy them form St. Peter Catholic School or Parish and spend them as you wish.

St. Peter Catholic School pays a discounted rate for gift cards and when you purchase them at face value, the school earns money!

How much can we earn?

For example, if you buy a $100 Woodman gift card, the reate amount is 5%.  St. Peter Catholic School receives $5.00.

If you only bough tone $100 Woodman gift card from Scrip per month for a year, St. Peter Catholic School would receive $60 in rebate dollars!

How do I buy Scrip?

Scrip can be purchased at St. Peter Catholic School or at the Church office.

See document on purchasing Scrip.

What do Scrip profits get used for?

Scrip rebates are used to provide Scholarship Funds for families who wish to send their child(ren) to St. Peter Catholic School, but are unable to pay the full tuition costs.

How do I buy Scrip?

There are several options to purchase Scrip

1.  FILL OUT A SCRIP ORDER SHEET, found online, at the back of church, and at the school office.  Submit with payment by mail or in person at the school office.

2.  AFTER MASS - Scrip is made available a couple of times a month after Mass.


4.  ONLINE WITH PRESTOPAY.  Once your ShopWithScrip account is set-up, you may choose to set-up your PrestoPay account, which will allow you to reload cards and make instant purchases online!  (A $.15 cent convenience fee is added to each PrestoPay order.)



> Contact Nancy 831-4846 at the school office for the enrollment code.

> Go to

> Click "Getting Started" and "Join Your Existing Program"

> Enter Enrollment Code provided to you.


The Shop with Scrip website will walk you through the steps to set up your online account.  You will now be able to order from over 700 vendors! Orders for oline Scrip need to be submitted & paid for at the school office (unless you have set up Presto pay).

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