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September Saints in Training

The following students were nominated for showing the virtue of Charity to other students and adults at our school.


Katie always shows charity by asking how she can help in the classroom. She is willing to work with second grade students and demonstrates a lot of patience as she coaches them in the activity as opposed to just telling them what to do. She is always willing to give of her time, talents, and treasures which makes our classroom community a brighter place!


Gemma leads by example. She is always quietly following directions the first time asked and encourages her classmates to do the same. She always wants to do the best she can and encourages the same out of others. Her humble leadership inspires many in the classroom.


Brody is a great model of charity in our classroom. He goes out of his way to help those around him. He’s patient, even with those who frustrate him, and he thinks about his actions. He reminds our class to stay on track whenever we get off task, and he spends extra time making sure others’ jobs are done and done well. Brody’s such a blessing to our class and I’m grateful to have him!


Isaiah is always willing to help others out whenever an opportunity presents itself. He helps clean up the classroom, even if that’s not his job, he’s always holding doors for people, and he’s first on the scene whenever there’s a spill or something gets knocked over. Isaiah embodies the spirit of charity and I’m thankful he’s in my class this year!


Sophia always jumps at the opportunity to help the teachers and all of her friends/classmates during centers, read alouds, and question and conversation sessions on the carpet “spot dots”!


Noah is such a considerate and thoughtful young man. He demonstrates charity through his example of praying for others who are in need of prayer, and by showing caring for others.


Margaret is so thoughtful and respectful of others in the classroom. She models virtue by her example of quietly doing what is asked of her.

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