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Growing in the Gift of Counsel

The gift of counsel enables a person to judge individual acts as good and ought to be done, or as evil and ought to be avoided. This gift prompts the person to ask himself, “Is this act true to Christ and the teachings of this church? Does this act lead to or strengthen holiness? Will this act lead to heaven?”

This gift operates under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Consequently, the counsel given may be that about which reason would not be able to give an explanation. As Our Lord said to the Apostles, “When they hand you over, do not worry about what you will say or how you will say it. When the hour comes, you will be given what you are to say. You yourselves will not be the speakers; the Spirit of your Father will be speaking in you” (Mt 10:18-20).


Gianna H. always makes good decisions eve when no one is watching. She follows what is best and what the Lord wants her to do, and does not get easily swayed by others.

Gianna B. works so hard to always do her best work. She never worries about if others have finished before her or if others are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. She just puts her head down and gets to work.

Isaiah H. is always trying to do what is best and follows the directions at hand. He does not get easily influenced by others, and instead follows what God would like him to do.

Xavier N. always does what is asked of him the first time it is asked with no questions or hesitations. He follows the Lord and listens to the Holy Spirit.

Sabrina T. is always working harder to become the best version of herself. If she is unsure what the correct decision is in a certain situation, she will ask for counsel from a trusted adult. It is important to her to do the right thing, even if no one is watching or there to acknowledge it.

Ava W. works hard to ensure that all students are included in an activity or assignment. She will eagerly help all students who are in need of it. She particularly loves working with her friends in pre-k. It’s very obvious that the pre-k kiddos really look up to her. It’s awesome that she’s their role model during mass because she has a strong reverence for God and her faith.

Olivia W. is a perfect model of counsel because of how she sacrifices what she wants to help those in need. At mass she will often give up sitting with her mom because a pre-k friend really wishes to sit next to her. This sacrifice is the perfect example of her faith and how she listens to what God wishes for her to do.

Betty tries her best to follow our classroom rules. She works hard during teacher lead activities and she is thoughtful towards others. Most notably she has an aversion to trying new foods and she has become much more willing to try new things during lunch.

Simon follows the rules of our classroom, plays well with others, and works as a team to help clean up even when he didn't make the mess. Simon often thinks of God and reminds others to think of him too. We were praying a familiar prayer as a group last week and the prayer was started without the sign of the cross. Simon said, "Guys wait! We need to start with the sign of the cross when we pray." Simon has also grown in his willingness to try new things.

Sydney has been a leader in our classroom throughout the year. She shows a lot of love to other students and always includes others in games. Sydney tries her best in all things and you can see her love for God in the way she treats others.

Lincoln finds it challenging to control his body. Throughout the year he has grown immensely in self control. He tries to be thoughtful towards others and always tells the truth.

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