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Saints in Training--The Gift of Wisdom

Students Nominated for the Gift of Wisdom The Spirit’s Gift of Wisdom enables us to judge and to set in order everything in our life according to God’s rules. It belongs to Wisdom first to contemplate divine realities, and then to direct human action according to divine reasons. The Gift of Wisdom helps us to see as God sees, to see God in every aspect of creation, and to measure all things through the eyes of God.

Brody always speaks up for the right thing. He voices the right thing to the whole class during our discussions as well as when talking with classmates. He wants to make sure that all are living a life according to God’s rules. Whenever speaking up for the right thing, though, Brody uses words that are respectful.

Andrew comes across to all those who work with him as a wise student. He works hard to ensure all are making the right decisions and stands up for the right thing on a daily basis. If his classmates and friends are not making the right decision he tells them in a kind way to change what they are doing. Those on the receiving end of his advice, show a great deal of respect to him and truly listen to him.

Emmalyn strives to follow the classroom rules and manages her choices. If she catches herself starting to run or starting to say something without raising her hand she stops right away without needing to be told. She reminds herself of the right thing to do.

Sydney does the right thing. She often gently reminds others in a non-bossy way of the classroom rules. She says, “Remember, Mrs. Sullivan doesn't like it when we do that.” She is a good friend to others and tries to include anyone who wants to play.

Annabelle has grown a lot since the beginning of the year. She has become a great listener who is thoughtful towards others. She tries her best to share toys and do what the group is supposed to be doing. It's very hard to do things that you don't want to do but Annabelle is making the right choice even when she doesn't want to.

Ignatius is very thoughtful. He plays soccer even when he doesn't want to, just to create fair teams. He also helps the pre-k students and often offers to push them on the swings.

Gemma plays really well with the pre-k students when she is outside with them. She often pushes them on swings or includes them in games. She helps pre-k students feel loved and accepted. When we come in from recess often one of my students will say,” I miss Gemma.”

Luke is able to judge between right and wrong very well, especially when his friends are not making the best choices, he will not participate but set a good example.

Sabrina is very excited about the opportunity to serve God as a sacristan. She stayed for all of adoration just to do her sacristan duties at the end of adoration. She also loves to help others. She conveys joy for school and for learning each day.

Xavier stays after school every day to help make sure our classroom is clean. He cleans up things that do not belong to him and messes that he did not make. He does not do this to receive extra prizes, just because he knows how important it is to respect our classroom and keep it clean.

Felicity does a wonderful job of being reverent in mass and during prayer time. She is a great example for her peers. She is always happy and willing to do whatever is asked of her.

Augustine works hard to hold himself and his classmates to high standards. He is respectful during mass and follows directions during school. He is a good leader and helps others to be better too.

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